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Essential Hygiene is your go-to source for effective and long-lasting odour control solutions. We understand that unpleasant odors can not only be disruptive but can also leave a lasting negative impression. Our comprehensive range of odour control services and products are designed to combat and eliminate odours at their source.

We have a comprehensive range of innovative Essential Scentâ„¢ air care solutions that will eliminate odours rather than masking them and provide a fresh smelling environment.

Fully Accredited Professionals

Anyone can offer your business hygiene solutions, but few offer this with both National and International accreditations such as ISO 14001 Environmental Standards, ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and CM3 Compliance Certification.


We take care of the little things that make a big difference in creating a pleasant, well equipped and hygienic washroom.

We Work with Australia's Biggest Brands

Quality assurance provides you with peace of mind. We are compliant in all areas of our business.

Environmental Awareness

All our services are managed with the respect of the environment. We pride ourselves on our ecologically safe practices and procedures, without cutting corners on hygiene and safety.

Versatile Solutions

We provide products and services to businesses of all sizes across a broad range of industries. We understand that every business is different and we take the time to work out the best solutions for you.

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